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Balance June (Cover Daniel)

Balance - June - Contributor

Reserve to Preserve - Balance (June, 2016)

‘Reserve to Preserve’ published in Balance (June 2016): http://balance.media/issues/reserve-to-preserve/


The writing I’ve been paid to do – despite what feels like a decade-long ‘writer’s block’, combined with a constant flow of highly distracting almost-excellent ideas for saving the world – has varied from PR materials, digital content and social media to research for books and multi-media projects and contributions to some pretty serious publications.

As an occasional but accredited journalist, I contribute to various online platforms and printed titles that have so far included: The World Council of Peoples for the United Nations’ Centerpoint Now,  The Observer, GQ, BA First Life, Quintessentially (‘Good’ themed issue), Cosmopolitan, Glamour and LawfullyChic.com among others.

With so many problems in the world making it hard to even read the news, these days I prefer writing about the most intelligent, creative and inspirational people, ventures and creations that are making the world a lovelier place for the rest of us…


WCPUN Centerpoint Now - 'Sustainability'
WCPUN Centerpoint Now - 'Sustainability'

Contributor to Centerpoint Now ‘Sustainability’ edition, a publication from the World Council of Peoples for the UN


BA First Life Luxury issue 2011

British Airways First Life Luxury issue, 2011

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Quintessentially ‘Good’ issue

Quintessentially 'Good' Issue


Observer Ethical issue 2007

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better thinking - Intelligent Consumption


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GQ Details Contributor, Sept 06

GQ Details Contributor Sept 06



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