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PR for purpose-driven brands and initiatives, including helping them to get the coverage they deserve…


FT htsi Artlantique featured June 15 2014

Artlantique* featured in the FT’s How To Spend It, June 15 2014. *Now ROUTE – international design initiative:

Artlantique featured in FT How To Spend It


“One of Nina’s many strengths is her writing skills and writing styles, having written as a journalist for many years she is able to turn her hand to writing in a style appropriate to different clients and brands. She is creative in her approach – so she takes a brief and comes back with really strong and relevant ideas on what would make the copy interesting. She is a great self-starter, so she goes off to research the stories and comes back with interesting and stimulating copy that expands the story and ensures it is interesting. Nina has a passion for ethical lifestyle; she has developed strength and knowledge in this field and really understands the different brands and their place and role within the market….
(She) developed creative ideas for client programmes, these were well thought through, relevant, and linked the brand to interesting new trends or designers… Nina is creative and very well connected. She used her contacts in a helpful way to build relationships for our clients and ensure that they achieved the best possible profile.
 We would recommend Nina to people looking for a creative, highly networked ethical PR specialist, with very strong writing skills and the ability to come up with creative and interesting ideas.”  – Anna Guyer, Greenhouse PR Founding Director (formerly The Spring Consultancy)


Eden Diodati in Vogue

Eden Diodati – Sustainable Luxury Fashion Startup


Nina Rennie Credit - Eden Diodati - Sustainable Luxury - Campaign AW2014


1 Giant Leap - Sunday Times Style Mag (Nov 2008)

1 Giant Leap in Sunday Times Style..

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Luxury Redefined in Vogue


Luxury Redefined (ii)


Love in the Sky (ICA) on Wonderland


Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 19.45.37


Observer 23 March 08


2013 Sustainable Luxury Media Professional Award:

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