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Professor Jem Bendell


Mimma Viglezio


Alexa Chung (in 2007 for the Observer)

‘I went to an ethical fashion show a couple of years ago,’ Alexa says. ‘They said it would shatter my preconceived ideas, with designs far from the hippy stuff you’d expect, but it was exactly that. All sackcloth, nothing you’d want to be seen in.’ So she’s pleasantly surprised by the clothes we show her: ‘I need this in my life!’ she exclaims, pointing to an Anatomy organic dress made of hemp and silk.

I ask her about the Topshop leather jacket and Chanel leather shoes she arrived in. ‘I haven’t eaten meat since I was 16. Living in the country, hanging out with lambs, then seeing them hanging in a stable… I suppose it makes sense to translate that into clothes, but it’s harder to find ethical fashion. They need to make it more readily available. I’d definitely wear this,’ she says, admiring her outfit for the shoot. ‘In fact, I’m thinking about stealing it.’


Danny Dyer

Interview Danny Dyer Observer

Pat Howard

Rugby World Contributor