Fuelled by Fans

This is the cleverest ‘advert’ I’ve seen in a long time and it was created, not by a big ad agency with a mega budget but a fan and his team as “an homage to a brand (they) admire”. A brand which doesn’t advertise.

Entirely CGI, Sam O’Hare and his team at Parachute VFX have certainly succeeded in demonstrating world-class creative talent in ‘Tesla – Fireflies’, but more than this it also points to a re-evaluation of the entire automotive industry, the future of advertising and the stuff money can’t buy.

As Chris Anderson, head of TED Talks noted on Twitter, “Tesla’s secret weapon is its users’ passion. How many auto companies have fans that would do this?” Indeed, Tesla stands out from the car crowd, embodying something bigger and better beyond just making a profit.

O’Hare told Fast Company, “I’m interested in electric vehicles and the future of transportation, and Tesla are at the forefront of that…I really admire how Elon Musk wants to change the world for the better, and took on the enormous task of developing an amazing electric vehicle, only to share the patents and encourage others to follow his lead. It’s a philosophy you don’t find very often. From SpaceX to the Hyperloop, it feels like he’s actively creating the future.”

As the VW scandal continues and more car companies are revealed to be ‘tricking’ their customers, Musk and his Tesla team provide hope for a future beyond the days of dirty fossil fuels and corporate greed. The antithesis of CSR box-ticking that is so common in the predominant profit-above-all-else economy, Tesla’s mission offers real benefits in terms of clean energy and enhanced wellbeing for people and planet.

As the shift from ‘consumers’ – who are sick of being fed greenwash and b@llsh$t advertising – to ‘global citizens’ accelerates, the days of soul-less and mass-produced products are numbered.
You can’t buy true fans you have to be worthy of winning them.

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