2016 – The First Ever Year of the Elephant?

Great work from Grey London, who, in partnership with WildAid, are calling on us all to help end the ugly ivory trade and make this the year more elephants are born than killed….

Around 33,000 African elephants are slaughtered annually for their tusks and experts are warning that this beautiful creature will be “wiped out” through this brutal commerce if we don’t put a stop to it.

You can help make this Chinese new year ‘A trumpet call to action’, and the beginning of the end of the poaching war on elephants, by wishing friends/followers a ‘Happy Year of the Elephant’ – “Xiàng Nián Kuài Lè” (pronounced See-ANG nyan qua-ler) in Chinese Mandarin. #JoinTheHerd and show it via the social media profile photo generator here: YearoftheElephant.org